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Pultrusion is a continuous method for manufacturing parts with high mechanical properties in a specific direction. For example, construction profiles, round bars, wall posts, and low- diameter pipes are parts that are produced in this way. The codes of this group of Mana Kimya with high chemical resistance are suitable for making pultrusion parts.


Polyesters with different structures are used for fire- resistant products. Electrical fixtures, fireproof lighting, fireproof trains, etc. Automotive and marine fireproof parts are some of these examples. Fireproof resins are divided into halogen and non-halogen categories. All the unsaturated polyester resin products produced in Mana Kimya Factory are fire-resistant.

Electrical Insulation

O-745 resin is an unsaturated polyester resin formulated with special components in order to give high electrical properties for electronic parts and electronic motors. These types of polyester resins are specially made to create a closed space in adverse environmental conditions, high humidity, or even in semi-submerged equipment and are suitable for burying electronic circuits.

Grinding and Sanding Wheel

This type of unsaturated polyester resin is used for the production of grinding and sanding wheels based on orthophthalic and isophthalic systems. This resin has bright color, good strength, and is resistant to high hardness, and possesses suitable mechanical properties for polishing stones and making sandpaper and cutting stones.


Gelcoats are designed for industrial applications. Gelcoats of this company are suitable for general applications with suitable resistance to physical or chemical destructive factors. All kinds of ISO and NPG acrylic resins have been produced for use in special conditions with high performance and they are used to make parts such as production of car parts and industrial molds. Gelcoats are resistant to acids, bases, and alkaline chemicals, and at the same time, they are resistant to thermal shock, UV rays, and scratches.