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Our Services

This text briefly introduces visitors to your main services.

Resin for Casting and Artificial Stone

This resin is suitable for making Corian sink stones and parts that are cast and will have a high surface quality at the end of the work.

GRP Pipe and Tank

Filament winding is an ideal production method for producing cylindrical structures. The filament winding process has two different types.


The products of this group are specially designed for producing molds.

Button Type

These resins are specially designed for button production, which uses conventional and centrifugal casting methods in button production.


Gelcoats are designed for
industrial applications. Gelcoats
of this company are suitable for
general applications with
suitable resistance to physical
or chemical destructive factors.

Why Work With Us

The founders of the Mana Kimya Company are technical experts in the field of composite industry who have graduated from top universities in chemical and material engineering. And with years of efforts in this field have determined requirements. Mana Kimya Company caters to the needs of its customers at the highest level and expands and improves its product range continuously. The company intends to produce export- quality products and is taking the necessary steps in this direction. One of the products of Mana Kimya Company is unsaturated polyester. It is hoped that by working hard and serving the people of our land, we can pave the way for the expansion of the composite industry in our country

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